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Mark your calendars! E-Waste Recycling Event at Clark – April 29th, 2017

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What we do

The Green Heroes Environmental Project brings environmental clubs to elementary schools in order to build awareness of environmental topics, explore present problems of pollution, and develop ways in which the community can address these problems. This generation will someday be the one in charge, so in the future, Green Heroes students will be taking their knowledge about the natural world into account when they make important decisions. This project is entirely run by teenage volunteers.

We are currently seeking community minded individuals who are passionate about the environment that are willing to teach at club branches. It is a simple commitment of 30 minutes a week, and all teaching materials will be provided.

What our students have learned

I recycled & reused – I did not waste any food -I told people not to litter – I don’t use too much oil -.

Student, Grade 2, 2014

We pollute rivers and oceans, and that is dangerous to everything/one.

Student, Grade 4, 2015

You can stop polluting the water because it hurts all the animals in it.

Student, Grade 3. 2015

I am a wolf & I’m almost extinct. Poachers have been hunting me for my meat and using my fur for coats. No good, horrible, bad, useless coats!.

(Students writing essays from the perspective of animals)

Stundent, Grade 3, 2015

A whale’s habitat is endangered. People try to kill them sometimes or just put oil in the ocean to hurt them The most painful thing is they put boats on the whale’s back. That hurts.

(Students writing essays from the perspective of animals)

Student, Grade 4. 2015

I’m a tiger. There are no more American Tigers left! Poachers use us for fancy jackets. Bah! Humbug. I think they should like us. Not hate us!

(Students writing essays from the perspective of animals)

Student, Grade 5, 2015


Wildlife Associates at Clark!

Using the proceeds from our e-waste recycling fundraiser and from school plastic recycling, the Green Heroes brought the Wildlife Associates Assembly at Clark School on Dec 8, 2016. The topic of this assembly was “Predators & Prey”. Students learned about and met an African Serval Cat, Armadillo, Red Tailed Hawk, Kestral and African Porcupine.


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Dear students, parents and staff, The Green Heroes Environmental Club at Carolyn Clark School has organized an E-Waste Recycling event on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the school parking lot. 50% [...]

Wildlife Associates visit Clark School

Photos of the Wildlife Associates Assembly at Clark School on Dec 8, 2016 brought to the school by Green Heroes Environmental & the Clark PTA The topic of this assembly was "Predators & Prey". Students [...]

Wildlife Associates Assembly at Clark

Green Heroes Environmental Club(with the assistance of the Clark PTA) is happy to bring to Carolyn Clark Elementary School the Wildlife Associates Assembly next week on Dec 8, 2016   The topic of this assembly [...]

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Green Heroes Environmental has been featured in the Evergreen Spotlight magazine in the September 2016 issue. The article is in the "Talk of the Town" section. We would like to thank Evergreen Spotlight for this [...]


We are looking for teen volunteers to join our team & schools to institute clubs.